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About Me

I am passionate about bringing peace, love and joy to others individually and to the world as a whole. It is my greatest pleasure to help you discover and remain in contact with these things in your world. May you be blessed, beautiful Soul. Remember you are precious, perfect just as you are and be reminded of this every moment of every day  💜🙏🏼💗💫💜

My Story
At one point in my life I was consumed by anxiety, fear and self hate. Struggling with OCD and an eating disorder I spent most of my time in one room in my house. I was a prisoner to my negative emotions and fears. The conventional therapies didn’t help so I knew it was up to me to help myself.

One of the big impacts on my healing process was my study in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy I took the practitioner course in 2012 this this helped me immensely so I continued on to take the master practitioner the trainers training. The skills and techniques I learned were key in kick starting my healing and growth process, they changed my life immensely. 
From there with a new found passion to help others, I continue to look for more things to help myself emotionally and to to heal the damage done to my body by years of having an eating disorder, seeking out both spiritual and physical ways to improve my health and emotional well being. 

I dabbled in energetic healing, the power of prayer or sending loving intentions and studied some of the science behind this.  I looked into the work of many different people who said different things but their general message was being in a loving and happy state and sending loving positive intentions to others is beneficial in many different ways to both the sender and receiver. On top of that from my personal experience being loving, happy state it is just nicer! Sometimes it can be a challenge through. From my study in NLP I knew that we do have the power to choose what state we are in, and I had many tricks to help me do this but there was still trauma I had not resolved that was effecting my present and sometimes I was just covering negative emotions with positive ones without dealing with the underlying issue. Regardless of this with all this new found knowledge and tools I was doing really well until I injured my back badly in the garden. 

The back pain effected my entire life, I had never experience anything like it before and it got to the point where I could only get relief by lying flat on my back. I was meditating a lot and using self hypnosis to deal with the pain. Still looking at different health videos in hope of answers I was guided to join the IADFW on a website called Advanced Medicine, videos on the site helped me immensely. I started taking up the health and fitness advice on the site and actually doing it, lol. This which was very challenging at first but immediately started to help and I began to improve in leaps and bounds to the stage where my back was mostly comfortable. Having found the information on Advanced Medicine so helpful I was delighted to be asked to become a Map To Get AHEAD™ Coach for the website. Now working as a coach I was finally helping others! Still looking for more tools to help others, to improve my life, be completely free of back pain and heal some of the trauma I had not yet released I was guided to Quantum Energy Coaching (QEC.) 

QEC was really the final piece of the puzzle I was missing. I knew the first time I reset my autonomic nervous system that I was on to something really incredible, after this one thing I felt different, more relaxed as a baseline. In the training which was done online via zoom, I worked with Dr. Melanie Salmon to release the pain in my back fully, there was a spot in my back that since the injury had always hurt, after working with Melanie and using the QEC process that pain completely disappeared! — something I wasn’t sure if I would EVER achieve, many people had said I would just have to put up with it. Once I completed my QEC training I then went onto have private QEC sessions, go deep into my past and release the rest of my childhood trauma, was absolutely life changing and incredibly freeing. I am now able to do things I never thought possible and am getting to discover a whole new brilliant world! 
I further continued my studies in QEC by taking Melanie’s Gestalt course and advanced training and attending as many of her specialty topic lectures as possible, each time learning and expanding my horizons of what is possible 💫

About Me: About Me
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